Real Food from the Beehive

Greetings from "David the Beekeeper"
"Real food from the beehive  is one of
nature's most perfect and beneficial foods,
and Buzznbee considers it a privilege to be
dedicated to the production, packaging and
distribution of pure quality honey, bee pollen
and beeswax. It is the Buzznbee mission to
promote and provide natural beehive
products, thereby sharing the sense of
well-beingReal Foodcan help everyone attain."
Food from the beehive--especially honey--has a special place in fall and winter traditions. September is National Honey Month, and from Harvest to the early New Year, you'll find honey in healing teas, tempting pastries, and oven roast glazes at memorable meals. Some tasty ways to use honey can be found on my recipes page. I would also like to invite you to view a selection of beekeeping photographs found in the Buzznbee Gallery.
Enjoy your favorite honey treatment now.....and all year long...
It's good, and good for you!
Attention loyal friends: Big changes are inthe making at the Buzznbee farm, and we look forward to keeping you updated via our site! Make sure to check back again soon for more information, new photos, videos, and exclusive online offers!